Dancing Backwards In High Heels

White Trash in a Mink Coat/Blog       By: Patty Collins-King

Dancing Backwards In High Heels           January 19, 2018



Happy New Year!!!

2017 ended with a beautiful wedding and we gained a beautiful daughter-in-law!!! FullDance is a video of me and my son dancing at his wedding. I have been organizing and purging like a crazy women and I ran across a page of positive thoughts that I wrote down. I really tried to read them each day after chemo to feel better and stay positive. It usually didn’t work in making me feel better physically, but hopefully my mind soaked up some positivity. Here is just one of them.

“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.” Emory Austin

In my mind I keep changing the word song to dance. Especially since I’m still on a high from not One but Two weddings!

7th Wing~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We had two weddings back then too! The first wedding I went to, my hair was about 2 inches long and my dress was a little baggy, but I had just purchased some major kick ass heels because I was going to dance! And I did! And as I danced I think I felt my soul crack just a little, and heal just a little, and I thanked God that I was there, and I prayed right then and there that it was true. That the can-sur would not come back. After all, I had my husband in front of me, and my son and daughter beside me laughing at their dad, while I was yelling ‘sweetie, don’t touch the band instruments!’—I like to follow the rules sometimes. Our kids and their young friends, who we love dearly, were dancing all around us and it was pure joy!

The second wedding my hair was still about 2 inches long—sigh—but my dress was a little tighter and I had another kick ass pair of heels. (DSW can be a girl’s best friend). We spoke about can-sur with two other couples who had family members fighting it. We said we would pray and pray hard—and we would—but the band started playing so it was time to dance! We exited the reception with the two other couples and we were still just happily dancing to our vehicles and we were all laughing, and we surely must have all been thinking that right now life is good, and we will try and remember it forever, because right this moment, we can laugh and we can dance! We can sing too, and I think maybe that can sometimes be our prayer! 😀


Dream Big, Smile Often,

Love, Patty 🙂