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A Woman Without A Plan           May 12, 2017

I AM…   A woman without a plan!

I am a Jack of all trades—master of some. Don’t you just wonder why there wasn’t a Jill of all trades or a Janie do-it-all instead of a Johnny do-it-all? With me, be prepared—for one question usually leads to the next. Anyway, I am God’s child first—and yes, I am always wondering what He was thinking! I’m an author, artist, and designer professionally, but my favorite job is wife, mother, daughter, friend and keeper of animals!

Here I am with our 2 crazy dogs.

Grayce is an Old-accent on old– English Sheepdog!

Stella Blue-but she’s black– is a Sheepadoodle!

You might want to know a LOT about me to see if you want to come on this journey. I will say bad words, so if you get offended easily, you might not want to follow me. I will talk about God and faith and spirituality, so there again if that offends you, don’t follow me. I am a USA flag waver. I own a gun. I love animals but I believe in hunting—only if you eat what you kill—even though I am a vegetarian. I believe in gay marriage. I believe in all marriage or no marriage. I like to CLEAN and do LAUNDRY. I believe in pro-choice—I have two beautiful beings. I believe in tattoos! I’m a breast can-sur survivor–so far. I believe that women of all ages are stronger and more powerful than they are led to believe!!!

This blog does not have an editor—mistakes will be made—if spelling errors freak you out, I do NOT want to be responsible for your insanity! I will change my mind often and the above does not mention even half of my traits or beliefs—good or bad!

Oh, and I LOVE capital letters and Emoticons, and wish I had oodles for this blog! 😉

This is my husband of 33 years! I was thinking that by posting his picture, you might not think that I’m that crazy! Look at him—he looks intact, right? He keeps me grounded to the best of his ability!

I did not get my first romantic-suspense novel published until I was 55. I had a detour with a bought of triple negative breast can-sur—I won’t spell it and give it merit—but more on that later. The day my first copy of Innocent Criminal arrived in the mail I thought of many things, but mainly I thought of my momma who was killed at 50 by the hands of a stranger. Rape and murder destroyed her chance of seeing age 55 and accomplishing whatever her heart desired, and it was the first time that I was struck—I mean punch in the gut struck—by what women can accomplish at this age and after, since it seems like society tends to think we’re too old to start anything new!

This brings me to what I want to talk about, but want I want YOU to talk about too! The limits we put on ourselves because of age. The trauma’s we face in our lives, whether it’s death, can-sur, loss, depression, anxiety—I’m the queen of this—not having confidence to show your talent to the world—All of it! And, how women can pick each other up and support each other when others are tearing us down.

I welcome different opinions! I welcome ALL comments as long as they are not mean. NO bullying!!! towards me, but ESPECIALLY not towards any of my ‘White Trash in a Mink Coat’ followers if I get any! Let’s make women older than 50 relevant, and inspiring, and intriguing, and just as awesome as we feel inside—on most days! Remember, it only takes a few women to take on the world so I hope someone will come on this journey with me! Once a month we’ll set the world on fire! Not literally though because I did that just last winter when I went to blow out a candle and my scarf caught on fire and a little bit of my ponytail but—that’s another story! Oh, and I can’t wait to tell you how I came up with the title of my blog!

They say the first blog can make or break you but I don’t care, ‘cause I just went ahead and did it y’all !!!

Big hair illustration